Lifestyle Collection

This collection is for the man who's life entails many different events from business meetings, traveling, social events, dinner parties, hot dates and celebrations.  The clothing in this collection was created to be multi- functional and dual purpose, minimizing the need for excessive clothing in your wardrobe.  We have found that most men have a lot of clothing, but only wear half of their closet.  Why?  They buy things based off price, convenience and salesmen suggestions.  These buying decisions lead to lack of function.  Miguel Wilson Lifestyle Collections creates suit jackets that double as sportcoats, suit pants that can be worn with a sweater, vests that can be used to accessorize with jeans, slacks or another suit.  In doing so, a man can cover a week of travel with three suits, mixing and matching them in ways that give a distinguished look each time without the look of duplication.

Posted on November 25, 2014 .